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Ednovators x Good Lab

Co-organisers: Ednovators

Status: Ran in 2015 and 2016

Whether you’ve been through the education system in Hong Kong, working in it, or have family or relatives going through it, you know that right now that the education system needs an evolution from its current mode of operation.  Ednovators is a group of education innovators, devoted to creating more effective forms of holistic education for both parents and young people.

Over the past year, we have been collaborating with Ednovators to provide ‘out of the box’ salons in regards to education, on topics such as 創新。教育。未來 / Innovation. Education. Future, 學習,跳出四面牆 / Learning beyond the schools, Innovate my School, 未來學生的必修課  / The Core Competence for Students in the Future, 以愛為先的教育 / Put Love First in Education.

Going forward, Ednovators and the Good Lab will continue to keep the discussion on education innovation moving forward and create opportunities for some of these models to be spread more widely in Hong Kong.


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