Hong Kong Jam @ Good Lab 好單位
11月 5 all-day

今年的Hong Kong Jam繼續聚集各領域的社會創新朋友,包括城市發展、教育、食物及樂齡安老等,為香港JAM出新意。Hong Kong Jam不僅是「傳統會議」,而是一個非正式會議!我們連結公民社會和社會創新者的能量、知識和遠見,讓社會變得更好。

作為參加者,你也要JAM,不只聆聽 ;而是全情投入,放開想像,一起改變未來。報名吧!

時間 | 10:00-19:00
日期 | 5-11-2017 (日)
地址 | 好單位 Good Lab( 西九龍通州街500號星匯居L1 ) (長沙灣地鐵站B出口)
登記 | http://bit.ly/hongkongjam2017
查詢 | hongkongjam@goodlab.hk

10:00-12:00 Good Lab 睇早場: Not business as usual 

【未來城市】Session 1A 12:00-13:15 自己社區自己救的10種方法
【教育】Session 2A 12:00-13:15 家長也上堂-問教育謂何物
【食物】Session 3A 12:00-13:15 改變食物鏈的「社區種子」如何走下去

午餐新煮意 13:15-14:15 hub B @ Good Lab
好好市集 13:00-17:00 @Good Lab 

【未來城市】Session 1B 14:15-15:30 跨界的10種合作方式
【教育】Session 2B 14:15-15:30 老師也創新-教育不再趕進度
【食物】Session 3B 14:15-15:30 一切從雪櫃出發

【15:45-17:00 】
【未來城市】Session 1C 15:45-17:00 未來城市的10種社會設計
【教育】Session 2C 15:45-17:00 學生也話事-自己教育自己訂
【食物】Session 3C 15:45-17:00 假如我可以改變一個食物現象 

Session 4 17:00-18:30 小劇場@Good Lab 
好單位五周年: 打破沙鍋問到底社會創新問答比賽 暨 好點子招募大會

詳情: http://goodlab.hk/hongkongjam-2017/



(English) Social Innovation Workshop for Tri-Sector Leaders of Tomorrow @ Good Lab
11月 16 @ 9:00 上午 – 11月 17 @ 5:00 下午


(English) The Sharing Economy in Hong Kong – How disruptive is it, and what does it mean to me? @ Good Lab
12月 15 @ 9:00 上午 – 5:00 下午


Dialogue for An Inclusive Future Workshop @ Good Lab
2月 9 all-day

Dialogue for An Inclusive Future

will foster deeper understanding of the diverse social groups in Hong

Kong, and is a space to discover new collaborations and partnerships.


Together we share the same aspirations for a better society. Is it possible to forge a road of
respect and reciprocity through dialogue, bridging different ideas and values? What is the
key to bringing diverse people together for innovation and creating a better world?
In this one-day experiential workshop, we will design a warm and interactive space for social
groups to talk and find better solutions for a more inclusive and empathetic society.
Each workshop will focus on a theme. For our February cohort, we will understand the often
diverging views of the young and older generations in Hong Kong. How do millennials and
baby boomers see the future of our city? What are the differences and similarities? What is
the opportunity for synergy and collaboration? Learn from real case examples locally and
from around the world where these divergent generations are coming together to create a
more inclusive future. Please join us with an open mind!

In this one-day workshop, you will…



Pioneering Social Innovation


Over the past 4 years, the Good Lab has been home to multiple leading social enterprises in Hong Kong, gathering knowledge, networks and expertise in the field of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Embodying the spirit of collaboration at the heart of our work, the Good Lab stands at the intersection between Government, Businesses and Social Impact organisations, working to build dialogue, strengthen capacity and co-creating new innovations. Our founding members include Dialogue Experience, Social Ventures Hong Kong, Make A Difference Institute, Social Enterprise Summit, Education For Good, and Solution on Wheels.




Lead Facilitators




Pilot Workshop


Please contact Clara Wong at clara@goodlab.hk or call 3996 1933.


Design Thinking for Employee Experience @ Good Lab
3月 16 @ 9:00 上午 – 6:00 下午

Design Thinking for Employee Experience

Design Thinking is the latest human-centred approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and requirements for business success. As technology evolves at lightning speed and the economic environment grows more volatile, this methodology has been cited as a vital tool to develop HR solutions that support engagement, boost performance and drive innovation.

In fact, companies where HR reports the highest levels of value are five times more likely to be using Design Thinking and the approach has already been adopted by global brands including Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, General Electric and Ford Motor Company to develop innovative, human resources solutions.

In this full-day interactive workshop we will explore how Design Thinking can be used to develop impactful employee experience in a live challenge, examining how to improve on boarding to ensure new hirers thrive from the get-go.

Together, we will:

  • Examine global best practice and understand the business case for using Design Thinking to develop people processes
  • Learn how to use the five stages of the Design Thinking process to generate, develop and assess innovative people solutions to improve the employee experience at your own organisation
  • Develop core soft skills for effective collaboration, including empathy and communication in a live challenge
  • Develop a nimble, growth mindset, helping you navigate change and think more dynamically, both individually and as a team
  • Make and break routine, creating lasting habits that will ensure your employees thrive

Who is this for?

Leaders, heads of department, senior managers, human resources, talent and change teams keen to improve employee experience at their own organisations.


Flick Hardingham-1a

Acting as rocket fuel for business success, Habit’s action-orientated programmes and consultancy grounded in human-centred design, arm organizations with the attitude, processes and culture to drive engagement, boost productivity, support radical collaboration and thrive in the innovation economy.

Past and current projects include supporting digital transformations at Barclays Bank and Accenture; Design Thinking training at the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management; improving recruitment for an international members’ club; an innovative leadership programme for Deliveroo; organisational change for the UK National Health Service; and creative thinking for leading London media agencies.

Flick is also an organiser for OpenIDEO‘s London Chapter, the global movement using Design Thinking to solve tough social challenges. Her team is currently partnered with Vodafone to reinvent gratitude in the workplace.


“I have learned a lot about improving innovation in my workplace and I wish more people would see the need to increase creativity in everything we do. We certainly need to find new reasons to innovate, to push our creativity levels up and to motivate the teams we work with. Flick is a very effective educator and I strongly recommend you attend her sessions.”

Paulo Dias, Vice President, Agile Transformation Lead and Enterprise Coach, Barclays Investment Bank.

The Workshop will be on 

Date | 16 March 2018 (Friday)
Time | 9am to 6pm
Venue | Good Lab (L1 The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, West Kowloon)
Language | English
Fee |  Standard – HK$2200/ person, NGO – HK$1100/ person


Please contact Wendy Yip at wendy@goodlab.hk or call 3996 1933.

(English) Social Innovation Workshop for Tri-Sector Leaders of Tomorrow @ Good Lab
4月 26 – 4月 27 all-day






+852 3996 1933

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