Design Thinking Training

At Good Lab, we don’t just talk innovation, we also bring our expertise from walking the design thinking journey with our clients from government and NGO sectors. Sharing insights and learning that can only be gained from working on the ground is what sets our training program apart.


The Power of Design Thinking


Good Lab works with a variety of clients, enabling their teams to use design thinking to change the way they innovate and problem-solve in their companies.  Leveraging our field experiences in applying design thinking in companies and communities, we bring our expertise as a practitioner, and understand the difference between teaching theory and conducting design thinking in real life situations.  Our practical experiences are what set us apart, and our trainings are full of real life examples of when we got it right, but many more examples of when we got it wrong and how we learned from it!

Something Deeper?

Know the basics? Looking for something more? We offer a variety of multi-day training and continuous coaching packages to take your team from the concept of design thinking to being able to deliver tangible results with the approach.


We understand that design thinking is not achieved after one workshop, and that's why we have bespoke programs and tailored training packages fit for the specific needs of your organisation. Get in touch to find out more.


to talk about your training needs!

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