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Bespoke Themes

Climate change, ageing societies, citizens’ declining trust in governments … Today’s world is facing a myriad of problems. The clock is ticking, and imminent solutions are required. But the good news is: many organisations, here and abroad, have already come to realise that they can be part of the solution. To act on these challenges, it is important to gain thorough understanding of the problems at hand, and more importantly, develop a commitment to turn threats into opportunities.


Join if you:

  • are keen on tapping into the opportunities arising from complex social challenges
  • want to gain the latest insights on some of the trending local and global topics
  • believe your organisation’s work can help carve out a better future for communities


Why us?

Making a huge difference starts with taking small steps. We have extensive experience in advocating policy change through instilling a changemaker mentality and spurring local, community-based actions. Our experience working with players in different sectors as well as accumulated insights from research also put us in a unique position to discuss big challenges in detail.

Since 2012, we have been organising public workshops and training programmes focused on some of the most important global trends, including tri-sector leadership, sharing economy, and inter-generational dialogue. We have also had courses on other pressing issues, such as smart city and ageing. Get in touch if you would like to explore other social challenges with us!

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