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Design Thinking

The world is changing fast. A lot of existing operation and management models are proven to be obsolete in helping organisations stay ahead in an increasingly competitive environment. Everyone talks about the need to innovate; but when it comes to taking action, it is incredibly hard to identify the right paths to success. How do we seek valuable insights from users, and turn their ideas into new solutions that help organisations cope with the future? The answer is Design Thinking.


Join if you:

  • want to add value to your business / services
  • hope to encourage your team to think beyond silos
  • need to improve your innovation processes in your company


Why us?

Design Thinking as a strategy for innovation encourages collective participation and helps form a collaborative culture in the team. Our connections across sectors and experience in applying Design Thinking in large-scale projects will enable organisations to break new grounds. Looking to introduce your team to Design Thinking? Want a taste of how human-centred design can help improve services, products or systems in their work? We have experiences for that!

Our immersive training sessions will take you through the value and key principles of Design Thinking. You will hear about inspiring international and local cases of innovation in action. Through various activities, we will also teach you how to apply a wide array of Design Thinking tools in your work.

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