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Public Engagement

Gauging public opinion is hard. Traditional surveys and investigations only get part of the picture, and it is more difficult than ever to develop a plan catering to everyone’s need. When conclusions are incomplete and do not reflect the needs of the community, social issues stay unresolved and discontent bubbles in the community. Many organisations use ineffective approaches to public engagement and are not equipped with the skills to facilitate collective decision-making. Through our experience in being an intermediary between citizens and public institutions on a range of projects, we will share with you our expertise in creating win-win scenarios in difficult situations.


Join if you:

  • want to have a deeper understanding of citizens or your audience’s needs
  • have trouble in designing and running effective public engagement programmes for useful insights to move forward in projects
  • want to realign your organisations’ directions to suit needs of target users or customers


Why us?

We believe that effective public engagement can establish trust and a sense of ownership among the public, thus enabling community empowerment. Positioned at the intersection of different sectors, we have accumulated extensive experience in engaging a diverse spectrum of audiences and stakeholders. Our project experience also allows us to equip training participants with the right mentality and necessary skills to successfully create civic capacity for collective problem-solving and actions.

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