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Service Innovation

Social and public services, often designed and operated within a traditional paradigm, are becoming out of touch with the needs of the citizens. Innovation is only possible if a user-centric approach is adopted to design new solutions that address existing pain points. But when it involves various stakeholders in the community, how can we build consensus and prevent a breakdown in negotiation? And when the project evolves over time, how can we keep up with demands of the public?  Hop on the bandwagon and learn about how cities around the world, including Hong Kong, are redesigning services to break new grounds and solve some of their toughest challenges.


Join if you:

  • are committed to designing services that bring greater social and economic benefits
  • want to stay ahead of the game and attract more users or customers
  • hope to seek exposure to international and local service design stories


Why us?

We help organisations redefine problems and reinvent solutions, all starting from the user’s perspective. We specialise in applying this framework to the work with NGOs and public institutions, collaborating on projects to co-create social and public services with the citizens and for the citizens.

The key goal of this course is to facilitate organisations to adopt human-centred design in the revamp of traditional services. In our course, we would introduce to our training participants a localised approach of re-engineering service delivery. We do that by detailing our successful stories of innovating new services with various organisations-and that includes imperatives such as skills in deliberating with service owners and balancing stakeholders’ interests.

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