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Reimagination of Public Engagement and Participation

what we do
Public Engagement Training

Experiment innovative ways to engage the public

Civil Service Training and Development Institute

Seasoned trainers and facilitators from Good Lab led many senior executives from across all different government departments to explore new ways of engaging citizens. We drew inspiration from initiatives such as community dialogues in Singapore, participatory budgeting in Korea and the use of digital platforms by various governments to capture public consensus. Whether it is setting up welfare programs or building infrastructure, we inspired civil servant participants to think about how they can better engage their community in order to gain public buy-in, smoothen the works process and ultimately design citizen-centric services.


Our Impact:

  • We trained over 150 senior civil servants in creating new forms of public engagement in 2019
  • Participants came from 52 different government departments and bureaux
  • 98% of participants rated the training 4 or 5 out of 5 for overall effectiveness


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