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Start-Up Incubation-Open InnoChallenge

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Empower Changemakers

Open InnoChallenge (OIC)

Project Partner: Student Affairs Office, Open University of Hong Kong

Duration: June 2018 – Present



In a world that is increasingly volatile and unpredictable, the need for bringing a positive impact in society is becoming ever more important. While opportunities are opening up for ideas with social values, it can be a daunting experience to start out in the social innovation sector when you are still at school. The knowledge we teach our students today might not be enough to prepare them for the new world, let alone becoming an entrepreneur.

So how can we equip our future leaders? We believe in creativity.


Our Approach

To provide out-of-the-classroom learning experiences to inspire students’ creative potential to reshape our society, Good Lab partners with The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) to launch a brand-new incubation programme. We offer skill-based training and hands-on approach where students are guided by experienced mentors. Leveraging our field experiences in applying Design Thinking to create systemic change in companies and communities, we enable students to translate their innovative ideas into viable operations for impact.

Throughout this co-learning process, students have experimented their creative solutions to address the demands and needs in the society regarding youth employment, ageing population, psychological health, education, environment sustainability and more.

Like all Design Thinkers, we focus on human values. Not only do we act as advisers on their start-up businesses, we also support them personally as companions. We have created mingling opportunities to facilitate mutual rapport and experience sharing among young entrepreneurs. Through such creative exchanges, we hope to enable students to realise their ambitions in the social innovation sector.


Impact to Date

  • Nurtured 9 start-ups for profit and/or social good from project initiation to prototyping and testing with personalised coaching sessions
  • Trained participants of Open InnoChallenge with Design Thinking as a methodology to innovate and reimagine different possibilities of social value creation through business
  • Inspired students of OUHK that social entrepreneurship is a feasible career option

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