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Empower Changemakers

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Empower Changemakers

We are dedicated to creating a vibrant community of changemakers in Hong Kong. Good Lab believes that actions with impact begin with a shift in mindset. We pride ourselves for cultivating and shaping a collaborative community to push forward their initiatives. We have been empowering innovators from public institutions, private sector and civil society to reimagine their roles and innovate for scalable social and organisational impact.

The world we live in is increasingly volatile and unpredictable. To prepare our social leaders to navigate in a complex future, we equip innovators with the ability to adapt to change and get better results.

Cultivate mindset change

A good way to learn is to learn by good examples. In our bespoke training, we search through the field of social innovation and bring up success cases, both local and global, according to different needs. Participants can draw on these thought-provoking experiences, and most importantly, reflect on their own practice with fresh eyes to unlock new possibilities.

Instil innovative culture in organisations

To instil innovative culture in organisations requires collective efforts that cannot only come from the top. We help organisations and their staff develop innovation leadership skills and build a culture that facilitates collective actions for positive change through advisory and bespoke training.

Help social start-ups navigate their growth journey

It is common to face complex challenges along the way of social innovation, especially newcomers to the field. Knowledge, resources and network are all that is needed. We offer mentoring for start-ups to refine their business plans, connect them to our cross-sector networks, scale up their impact and, above all, cultivate an entrepreneurship spirit for success.

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