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Engage Citizens

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Engage Citizens

Citizens’ in-depth local expertise and insights are one of the best ingredients for innovation. Through Design Thinking, we harness citizens’ talents. As change catalysts, we are dedicated to engaging and empowering citizens as changemakers. In order to design human-centric solutions with the citizens, for the citizens.

Empathise and build trust with citizens

To understand the root cause of social issues, we foster honest dialogues with local communities. By empathising with citizens’ concerns and difficulties, we hope to build trust and mutual understanding within communities. In doing so, we hope to cultivate a collaborative culture and empower citizens to proactively participate in the co-creation process.

Develop community visions

Nothing is truly for the community without the active and consistent participation of the people involved. We create a platform for citizens to unleash their imagination and articulate their wishes for their very own neighbourhoods. In the process, citizens will be able to conjure up an image of how they want their communities to look like in the future.

Leverage wisdom of civil society

To ensure our projects stay true to the well-being of people and bring sustainable impact, we team up with talents from all walks of life to brainstorm for the smartest solutions. With the right information, skills and tools, we aspire to drive systemic change and share our success stories with the innovation community and beyond.

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