We connect different minds and actions to bring innovative ideas to life.

Good Lab is a think-and-do tank for social innovation. Imagine people of different walks of life coming together to tackle some of the biggest social challenges in Hong Kong — We believe human-centred design and cross-sector collaboration are the answers to creating a sustainable and better tomorrow.

So how do we bring these ideas to life?

Celebrating creativity and diversity, we experiment inclusive design among unusual allies and co-create game-changing ideas for the social and public sectors. As a social innovation consultant, we are committed to our 4C’s manifesto.

Forge Unusual

We bring together unusual allies to collaborate and address complex social issues that we face with the biggest challenges today.


We actively listen to and respect all voices in the communities through empathy. To understand the true needs of communities, we believe every citizen matters. Replica Watches


We inspire minds and empower changemakers in their quest of innovation. We design co-learning opportunities to develop skills and thinking that are necessary for change.


We facilitate co-creation between collaborators to deliver bottom-up innovations and change. As we search for solutions to complex social challenges, we explore with breadth of perspective and create shared ownership.