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Social Innovation

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Social Innovation

It is widely agreed that today’s world is in desperate need for new solutions to address long-running social problems. Generating such ideas often involves designing fresh recipes using both old and new elements, and cutting across sectors, fields, and disciplines. The question is: How does one start to become a social innovator and transform people around into changemakers too?


Join if you:

  • want to understand what social innovation is
  • are passionate about seeking novel solutions to address social issues
  • hope to create social impact through the work of your organisations


Why Us?

With years of experience in Hong Kong and abroad, our experts and thought leaders will share with you their experiences in creating social impact. We offer immersive learning sessions that help passionate individuals like you build connections and acquire tools for social innovation. There will be tips and examples to show that you can make a difference on some of the toughest challenges we have today without breaking the bank.

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