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Foster Co-Creation

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Foster Co-Creation

Co-creation is an important element in all the work Good Lab does. We work with users to generate and test new solutions because we want the outcome to have an impact on people’s everyday life, and more importantly, make sense to the users.

When we bring people together in the design process, we are always surprised by the different expertise, unusual insights, and fresh perspectives they bring in. Unlike top-down problem solving, this approach breaks barriers and fuels creativity. We believe this cultivates users’ sense of ownership and enable people from different backgrounds to develop a shared vision.

Strategise government-citizen co-creation

With Design Thinking at the core of our strategy, we make co-creation in public services happen by building trusting relationships with the users. We curate iterative experiences in which citizens can actively contribute to innovations through a facilitated process.

Convene collaborators to co-develop solutions

We leverage our vast network of innovators and professionals in Hong Kong and beyond to bring subject matter expertise into the development of purposeful solutions. With pressing challenges at hand, we identify and bring in like-minded allies from various sectors to achieve synergy in problem-solving.

Strengthen the movement of participatory design

More people should be experimenting co-creation in their scope of work. This is what we believe in and that is why we do thorough research to constantly learn the best practices in participatory design. We also advocate it by talking about it loudly, and of course, trying it out with government departments, NGOs, businesses, and our fellow social innovators.

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