Asian Changemakers Jam 2017 Review

Asian Changemakers Jam 2017 Review

( by Tim Cheung and Marcus Sun, Intern of Good Lab)

Asian Changemakers Jam (date:22/7/2017) ( a programme of International Assembly @ MaD Festival 2017 )is an event that gathers innovators around the globe to share social innovations delivered in their communities. This year, there were 6 Mandarin-speaking teams and 7 English-speaking teams participating in the event at the Good Lab. The teams were separated based on the language they would present in.



Empowering through exchange of ideas

In recent years, stress level of local students rocketed. The major source of pressure comes from the insecurity towards the city’s future and their own career development. Noticing such phenomenon, Ifiwere decided to provide workplace simulation to students through the technology of Virtual Reality (VR). At the night of the Changemakers Jam, they brought us to the workplace of a nurse and demonstrated her daily tasks. In the VR simulations, not only do users have to provide assistance to virtual patients, they would also be given opportunities to conduct professional trainings such as giving prescriptions and operations.

Dark Alley Poems is another local team joining the Jam this year. Aiming at raising the sense of belongings and local awareness among Hong Kong people, they share collective memories through recording Graffiti on street. The last local English speaking team of the night was UNsign. They strive to achieve sustainability through creating phone accessories such as iPhone charger and stand with rocks.

On this peaceful evening, a total of 6 Asia-pacific teams shared social innovations to our participants. 7Pictures from South Korea is a fundraising platform designated for Artists to share and raise support for their artworks. Cornsox, also from South Korea aims at providing assistance to underprivileged families in Africa through selling socks made from corn. Under their Corn Donation Project, the needy ones will be benefited from the concept of corn circulation. The Bonding Box from Thailand works on improving workplace relationship and efficiency through sharing lunch boxes. One Share A Day from Indonesia also gained inspiration to create a mobile application which encourages users to achieve one good deed per day.

Andrew Tsui from Rooftop Republic was the commentator of the day to provide feedbacks to our passionate innovators. He was impressed by the commitment of innovators to their community. This event has successfully provided a channel for MaDees to gain inspirations from one another while exchanging ideas.

Understanding the limitations to shape a better future

In another hub at Good Lab, Mandarin-speaking teams also demonstrated their impressive innovations to other participants. While listeners benefited from the new insights, presenters also found the feedbacks rewarding to further improve their projects. During the event, a large variety of themes were covered, including non-profit incubator, Corporate Social Responsibility Consultation, Seaglass Branding Culture, SHOKUZiNE Careers advisory, Non-profit Consultancy Training, Smart Donation Platform, Community Kitchen, etc.

Good2 Studio shared their experience of providing advisory service to different start-ups. Their services include risk and trending management to lengthen the lifespan of start-ups through increasing operational efficiency. The Community Garden project enhances neighborhood cohesion and reduces public expenditure through raising civic awareness. Beautifying community gardens is one of the approach to implement their ideas. Observateurs de société de l’homme shares refrigerators, collect expense spending data from different walks of life and conduct reward substitution to reduce production while fulfilling market needs. Maker Sustainability Consulting targets to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development through their services. In terms of contributions to the environment, Seaglass adopts the concept of upcycling, to collect marine waste and transform them into jewelries, art pieces and even daily groceries. SHOKUZiNE is an initiative that redefines society’s understanding towards different occupations. Through learning short stories about workmen of different sectors, high school or college students can explore their desired careers. After the sharing from each team, the commentator from LaunchPilots, Jah Ying Chung shared her own insight to the participants. Although the development cycle of different team varied, they were all innovative and creative.


Overall, the event achieved great success as participants were given a platform to voice out their opinions. As most of the innovators were unlikely to be full time social entrepreneurs, the majority number of participants attempted to tackle social problems from a business perspective. Asian Changemakers Jam was not only an eye-opening experience for innovators, but also a valuable chance for them to expand their professional network. Collaborations between projects could also be one of the future directions, allowing innovators to work hand in hand for a better future.



“It has been the most fulfilling moment ever! Thank you to the commentators and MaDees for appreciating my project and giving me precious feedbacks! You all brought me energy and gave me hope to bring my project to an international level.”


The Bonding Box | Thirapongphaiboon Nantaporn 张文 (Thailand)

“The event was very inspiring!”

「這次活動非常有啟發性! 」

UNsign | Joseph Wan (Hong Kong)

“Thank you for all the efforts of the organizing committee! Changemakers Jam is truly a precious gathering for all Ma

Dees. With the interactions between participants and commentators, a relaxing and encouraging atmosphere is shaped. People’s willingness to know about sustainability and neighborhood relationship was particularly impressive.


社區花園 Community Garden | 謝威(成都)

“This MaD experience is really rewarding. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the organizing committee for their effort. The time, venue, and event were all well-planned. Asian Changemakers Jam provided me with opportunities to communicate with different innovators. We share common values wishing to bring changes to the society. Starting from personal act, I hope to spread my influence and raise public awareness towards environmental aspects.”


“Thank you for the excellent preparation work, I believe each and every participant enjoyed the rewarding night. Despite the differences, innovators encounter similar challenges at the beginning stage. Suggestions from fellow participants and commentators were enriching. It also gave me a chance to re-think the progress of my project.

咕咕斯丢丢Good² Studio |  舒揚Shuyang(Beijing)


“Asian Changemakers Jam is an insightful event for innovators!”


If I Were  |  Ling (Hong Kong)
















Good² Studio



Community Garden



MSC(Maker Sustainability Consulting)