Sharing from Good Lab Internship Programme (GLIP) 2020

Sharing from Good Lab Internship Programme (GLIP) 2020

Hear more from young, enthusiastic minds on Good Lab Internship Programme (GLIP) about their learning journey

Yuen Wing Nam, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

As a penultimate year student looking for hands-on experience, I’m fortunate enough to have joined GLIP and actualised my beliefs with continuous guidance from the Good Lab Team. Not only have I executed in-house and event promotion campaigns but also on-site street interviews for social consulting projects. I particularly enjoyed the close-knitted relationship between the colleagues, which enables me to freely express my thoughts at work. I felt that I am part of the Good Lab family instead of just an intern as my opinions are often being valued. The support from my supervisor and other colleagues on my personal development and pursuit has even extended after the internship period. All in all, GLIP has enabled me to understand social consulting in practice and affirm my interest in this field.

Tiffany Cheung, The University of Hong Kong

My internship at Good Lab was a learning journey that I very much enjoyed. The Yuen Long community engagement project I was involved in was fascinating and unlike anything I’ve been part of before. It broadened my exposure to the professional skills involved in a consulting project, but also the need for socially innovative approaches to public sector projects. From joining discussions on overall project strategy to conducting interviews with community members, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to take ownership of my own part of the project. Despite having to work from home for the latter half of my internship, I still very much felt part of the team with online workshops and even a games and drinks session! This summer of working closely with encouraging and enthusiastic people with a strong spirit for social innovation was a great experience that definitely exceeded my expectations.

Yoyo Ho, The University of Hong Kong

Joining Good Lab was a valuable learning journey, during which I was exposed to infinite creativity and productivity. I assisted in different projects, which aimed at improving the communities by re-imaging everything from a future perspective. Though challenging,  it was this unfettered mindset that keeps the team innovative and motivated. What I’ve gained from Good Lab is also a group of passionate and trustworthy colleagues, who guide us and value our voices a lot. I never felt like being an outsider during my three-month stay even though I was the youngest on the team. GLIP is certainly a flexibly designed program that brings about exposure, inspiration, and support!


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