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Social Innovation Classroom

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Whether it is social inclusion, food waste, quality education or the ageing problem, Good Lab has found that Hong Kongers of all ages are deeply in-tune with the needs of this city. Beyond just speaking out on online forums or social media, Hong Kongers want to put words into action and work with each other to come up with creative solutions.

Social Innovation Classroom was a space to do just that. With the support of sponsor Henderson, the program which ran over 6 weeks, bringing together people from all backgrounds: those not working, students, professionals, community and health workers. Over the term, the Good Lab team introduced the cohort to the social innovation ecosystem. They learnt from leading social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and also got the chance to go out to the streets and speak with communities to understand the real issues. One of the groups with a focus on education, through deep conversations with principals, students and parents, discovered the cause of stress for students was more to do with social issues such as bullying and friendship cliques, and not the school workload as they initially thought. From the root cause, they were then able to ideate different solutions, prototype and test with the community.


Our Impact:

  • We ran 4 cohorts of Social Impact Classroom, with a total of about 180 people going through the programme
  • As a first-of-its-kind programme with a focus on understanding real community issues and not being a “social innovation competition”, project ideas as a result were much more well thought-out
  • Past participants have started their own innovation projects and social businesses, for example ImpactX. Others even went on to join the Good Lab team on staff!


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