The Agora Idea Archive: Good Lab’s Open Idea Database

The Agora Idea Archive: Good Lab’s Open Idea Database

Good Lab has launched its very first open archive of innovative ideas to stimulate innovation, spark surprising insights, and engage the broader community in developing creative solutions to the unmet needs in our society.

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The Agora Idea Archive is created as part of the Agora, Good Lab’s pilot virtual ideation event hosted on the digital platform dedicated to digital community engagement for social impact.

Borrowing from the ancient Greek cities, the Agora was meant as a gathering place for civic discussions and deliberations. The Agora Idea Archive aims to collate the ideas generated from the Agora to offer changemakers in the community a source of inspiration for social innovation.

The first collection of ideas now documented in the archive is generated from the Agora’s inaugural ideation session, Agora: Post-Covid Relief Innovation Jam, which explores the possible solutions and ways to help our community bounce back stronger from the year-long pandemic.

All ideas were co-created by a community of changemakers from the social, public, private, and academic sectors who participated in the Agora, and were illustrative of the unlimited possibilities that open up when we team up like-minded yet diverse people and tap into our collective intelligence.

Our inaugural ideation session was held in June 2022 in this virtual space we created on, and it was modelled after the public space in ancient Greek cities where civic discussions and deliberations took place.

Key information about the idea archive:

  • The archive is presented in the form of a Google spreadsheet. It consists of an idea portal and a project overview that sets out the context and provides background information on the Agora, as well as its first session Agora : Post-Covid Relief Innovation Jam
  • In the idea portal, you will find a list of ideas, actions, or initiatives that seek to help different community groups recover and rebuild from the pandemic in the coming months. 
  • Each idea comes with a description, the problem in focus, and the community group(s) it targets. This information would be helpful if you wish to take the idea further in your organisation or in collaboration with cross-sector partners.

Check out the ideas here to inspire your innovation

We hope the idea archive will continue to contribute to the discussion and solving of problems in the community. And we look forward to building out this archive into a database of ideas and creative solutions that address a wider spectrum of needs.

If you wish to explore these ideas further, seek potential collaboration, or are interested in supporting our work, reach us at