Good Lab Demo Night 2014

Good Lab Demo Night 2014

Almost two years into operation, Good Lab has been actively helping our members get their products or projects shipped. We encourage people to not only share ideas with each other, but also act on their ideas. Many of them did just that.

At our first Demo Night on 6 June, six teams presented their projects in front of a group of judges. Check them out from our recap and from the videos of their talks!

Antony Wong

Antony worked in an investment bank a few years back. Then he got bored with his job there because he saw no meaning in his work. So he quit the job and started a company with his former colleague Matthew.

Rather than thinking of technology as something that alienates us, we shall instead embrace it and use it for good purposes.

With that in mind, Antony suggested that we can use technology to help solve the issue of neighbourhood alienation in Hong Kong, which is exactly the mission of myflat.hk.

It is an online platform for people living in the same building or estate to find out who are their neighbours, what kind of life skills they have, and how they could help each other out in daily life. Antony and his team also organize offline events like toy exchange to connect the neighbours and introduce people to their platform.

Antony Wong: reconnect neighbourhood in Hong Kong through online social networking from Good Lab on Vimeo.

Paul Chan

Paul is a fervent traveler, an erstwhile academic and a man suffering from wanderlust. He started Walk in Hong Kong one year ago, with a mission to bring out the best of local Hong Kong through walking tours.

They have since developed more than 20 themed or district based tours in Hong Kong, ranging from a walk in the fishing village of Tai O, to an exploration of the vanishing art of letterpress, to a tour of cemeteries.

But why are these tours different from the rest in the market?

We re-discover the most splendid aspects of Hong Kong through our walking tours. And we believe that these are what make the city unique.

Learn more about Paul’s ideas and his exploration so far from the video of his talk:

Paul Chan: let’s discover local Hong Kong culture through walking tours from Good Lab on Vimeo.

Jeff Kwok

Jeff is a guy with million ideas. He is passionate about telling stories of local NGOs and social enterprises in Hong Kong, and use the mechanism of branding to change people’s perception of these organizations.

He was bugged by the lack of media coverage on local NGOs in Hong Kong. This is a shame, Jeff said. So he decided to create one. He started PMM Media two months ago, which includes a print journal and a website.

The print journal is actually quite well designed. You can grab a copy from their pigeon hole at Good Lab. They focused on one local NGO for each issue. If you unfold the journal, you can even see a poster with an illustration of that relevant topic.

Check out their work from Jeff’s talk here:

Jeff Kwok: can we have a media that covers social good news in Hong Kong? from Good Lab on Vimeo.

Alex Chan

Alex lost his vision a few years ago. He got frustrated by this sudden change in life, but later he regained confidence in life when he stumbled upon Dialogue in the Dark HK. Alex joined the DiD team as a part-time trainer. He was able to regain confidence at DiD, and with the support from his boss (yes, intrapreneurship is valued highly at DiD HK), Alex launched a small business with a focus on non-visual design.

You could see some of their products below. Many of them are available for purchase at Dialogue in the Dark Experience Space in Mei Foo.

Check out Alex’s talk here:

Alex Chan: My non-visual design journey so far from Good Lab on Vimeo.

Steven To

Steven is building a platform called UgiveIgive, which according to Steven, is a platform that unlocks your skill and transform that into donation for charities.

They have already got a prototype website running, showcasing some skill donors with skills in cycling, paper crafting, screenwriting, stargazing. If you looked at any of these paid courses, you will notice that the skill donor has designated a local NGO to be the recipient of part or all of the revenue from that particular course, making this into a win-win-win situation for all parties.

Learn more about Steven’s idea from his talk:

Steven To: Can we encourage people to learn new skills and contribute to charity at the same time? from Good Lab on Vimeo.

Chi Wai Li

Chi Wai is a sports enthusiast. But he was worried that most people are not taking good care of their own health, which inspired him to build getfit.hk.

The idea is simple – you can start from some humble steps, say, healthy breakfast, regular exercise, and your health would improve quite significantly over time.

But most people are not so alert for their own health. Partly because of lack of awareness, and partly because they don’t know the knowhow.

So getfit.hk hopes to solve both problems, by providing simple video tutorials and a list of local fitness or exercise centers where you can join like-minded people in your quest for a healthier life.

Intrigued? Learn more from Chi Wai’s talk:

Chi Wai from Good Lab on Vimeo.

Three teams got awarded for their work at the Demo Night. They are Walkin.HK, PMM Media and myflat.hk. Congratulations to these winning teams!