Good Lab Marketplace Highlights

Good Lab Marketplace Highlights

On 6 June 2014, we hosted the first ever Good Marketplace, a major event for our members to showcase their work.

It was attended by well over 400 people. Here’s a quick recap of the event.

First up, a few photos to give you an impression of the day.

Here you see Good Lab member Jyoti Mishra and Steven Yau. Jyoti comes from India, she moved to Hong Kong with her husband Aalok two years ago. They started a coaching company called LSF Global, which has a focus on leadership and management training. Steven is an accountant who used to work in a large corporate firm. Bored by the corporate culture, he decided to quit and started his own business, which provides accounting service to non-profit organizations and social enterprises. We introduced Steven to Aalok and Jyoti. Steven advised Jyoti and Aalok in the early stages of LSF Global in business planning and building.

Here is Ah Cheong of Pixel Action Studio making a demo of their accessible website, a concept which might sound unfamilar to you, but it is in fact crucial for visually impaired or hearing impaired people. Pixel Studio Action is a web solutions company providing web design and development service, mainly to NGO and social enterprises. They have been with us since the beginning of our launch.

Here you can see our member Rija Menage displaying the products of his rooftop farming initiative. Rija used to work in the broadcasting business with the BBC. He flew to Hong Kong to start a software business for film makers. But he was recently converted into an ardent fan of permaculture. After meeting with a few other like-minded individuals at the Good Lab, Rija started Green Sustainable Living Hong Kong. They organize workshops and meetups to introduce green living practices to people. Rija recently completed a Permaculture Design Certificate. He hopes to encourage and expand the efforts of urban farming in Hong Kong. (Editor’s note: Even I took part in one of them and it was so much fun!)

This is Good Lab member Sonya Fock introducing her project I-Action, and showcasing an exhibition of photos, all taken in a leprosy village in Sichuan. Sonya used to work at a humanitarian NGO, and after a project that touched her deeply at a village in Sichuan that was known for its rampant leprosy, she decided to return and help the community build schools and dormitories. Currently, Sonya works ‘part-time’ as a flight attendant to support herself. She is also a photographer with a facebook page on documentary photography.

Many other projects and initiatives were also showcased on the day, including eco-friendly projects, cultural and heritage preservation and also community legal services etc.

A huge thank you to all of you who attended the Marketplace. And
Feel free to take a look at our slideshow here.