Introducing Our New Leadership Team

Introducing Our New Leadership Team


Dear Partners, Friends of Good Lab,




We hope you all enjoyed your Easter break. This April, Good Lab is entering an exciting new chapter.


Following our relocation to The Future Workshop last year, we take this opportunity to reflect on our twelve-year journey – looking back to our past experience and looking ahead to the future challenges – to have us geared up for the new adventures.


As Hong Kong’s first hub for the community of social innovators, Good Lab looks forward to continuing our role as an intermediary, with our commitment to encourage cross-sector co-creation, nurture talents with innovative minds and create future-ready positive changes for the city.


With this view, in April 2024, we welcome our new leadership team: our current Head of Community Innovation, William will step up as Chief of Innovation Strategy – taking the lead to pioneer public and social sector innovation initiatives and researches; our current Project Manager, Beatrice will be promoted to Chief of Engagement – leading the team to initiate community engagement and cross-sector co-creation efforts. We are also thrilled to welcome back Max, our former Head of Marketing and Design Thinking Specialist, to be the Capacity Building Lead in charge of our innovation capacity building and talent incubation programmes.


We would also like to bid a heartfelt farewell to Warren, who has led us in his tenure as our Chief Executive Officer over the past five years. He has brought Good Lab into new areas of citizen-government co-creation and youth empowerment. We extend our best wishes to Warren for turning to another good page of his professional journey and life’s adventures.


As changemakers, let’s continue to work together! Should you be in pursuit of innovative service design, future-looking strategies, collaborative idea co-creation with stakeholders, or building innovative minds among your colleagues, we are here to talk and take action!


With best wishes,

Ada Wong, Executive Chair

Board of Directors & Team of Good Lab



William SIN

Chief of Innovation Strategy

As a place-maker, since joining Good Lab in 2020, William has been leading a series of social innovation consultancy projects in collaboration with different public agencies, offering solutions to innovate public spaces, public facilities and public services. William will lead the team in driving public sector innovation initiatives with a view to making our city a more vibrant and livable place.


Beatrice SHING

Chief of Engagement

Being dedicated to community research and public engagement initiatives over the years, Beatrice has been leading projects of citizen-government co-creation, community innovation, and social sector innovation since joining Good Lab. She looks forward to connecting with different sectors to spearhead more collaborative efforts for innovative and people-centric solutions in response to various social challenges.



Capacity Building Lead

As the pioneering Design Thinking specialist at Good Lab, Max had initiated a series of social innovation and public sector innovation projects over his six-year tenure. With his cross-sector experience in change-making and talent incubation, Max has made his back to the team as Capacity Building Lead, with his dedication to incubate future-ready talents for organisations across different sectors.