“Turn a GOOD Page” Muse Salon

“Turn a GOOD Page” Muse Salon


As we step into the Year of the Dragon, Good Lab remains committed to sparking meaningful dialogues and fostering collaboration at The Future Workshop.  Let’s turn a GOOD Page! 


This 24th February, a Saturday, we are hosting an exciting event. We have invited five groups of outstanding Micro-changemakers representing a spectrum of backgrounds and ages to spend an afternoon with us. It is going to be a session brimming with fresh conversations and idea sharing. These changemakers are using their creativity and big hearts to make our city better, tackling important issues like mental health, transportation, community development, and protecting our environment. We would love for you to be part of it.


There’s no cost to join in, but space is limited – make sure you’re there by filling in the form to secure your registration. See you there!


“Turn a GOOD Page” Muse Salon
Date:  24th February 2024 (Saturday)
Time:  2:00 – 6:00pm
Venue:  The Future Workshop @ 1303 Charm Centre, 700 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok


Unusual Share|Micro-changemakers and Good Labers will share with you books or objects that inspired us, and our stories of creating change. 

Unsusal Exchange|Please bring a book or object that inspired you, and exchange your stories and thoughts with us. 

Unusual Dialogues | Let’s have meaningful dialogues on multiple themes, and think of our first step of making positive change for a better society. 



  • Joseph – the visionary behind Umbrella Reborn
    Joseph transformed his retirement into a second career to popularise umbrella repair skills. Through the organising of Umbrella Reborn – a series of umbrella repair workshop, Joseph has not only revived countless umbrellas but also empowered over 2,000 individuals by passing on his expertise. As the pioneer in umbrella repair education, he is reshaping our perception of sustainability, one umbrella at a time.
  • Organisers of the “Not Just Waste Village” initiative in Tai Po
    ‘Not Just Waste Village’ initiative has redefined community engagement and environmental stewardship. The collective effort of community members shows that Tai Po is a vibrant eco-community, step forward to be a “zero-waste village.” This initiative stands as a testament to the power of community solidarity, turning an ordinary village into a beacon of hope and creativity.
  • Chris – co-founder of Luna House
    In response to the youth crisis in their college journey, Chris and his friends have carved out their own pathway Luna House – a multidisciplinary exploration platform – From leading farm tours to stargazing events, they’ve ventured into various fields to weave meaningful experiences into everyday life, offering solace and connection in the face of common worries.
  • Cassie – a mental health advocate
    As a registered nurse, Cassie founded Hong Kong’s first peer emotional support social enterprise – Shelter . By offering a platform for mutual encouragement and resilience, Cassie is at the forefront of fostering a compassionate community. Her efforts to share her own recovery journey not only inspire patients to embrace their treatment positively but also elevate public awareness about mental health.
  • Chun – the developer behind the innovative hkbus.app
    Chun tried to change the way Hong Kong residents navigate public transportation. With a commitment to providing an ad-free user experience, his app delivers the latest transit information, facilitating smoother daily commutes.

Registration Form: https://bit.ly/4boF8eG