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Bespoke Innovation Training

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Tailor innovation training programmes to specific organisational needs


Garfield the cartoon cat of the 80s hated Mondays, and so does a large portion of Hong Kong employees today. According to Qualtrics’ findings of employee experiences in Asia Pacific (APAC), job satisfaction in Hong Kong is among some of the lowest compared to our neighbours, with:

  • Only 40% of Hong Kong employees are engaged with their work, compared to the 53% average in APAC;
  • 21% looking to leave their jobs in the next two years – the highest rate in APAC; and
  • Only 34% look forward to going to work all/most of the time – the lowest percentage in APAC.

In 2017, Covestro in their journey for organisational change, engaged Good Lab to run a series of workshops with their entire Hong Kong team to understand the motivations (or demotivations) behind their employees. Through a design thinking process, painpoints among the team were uncovered and Covestro employees worked together to ideate changes they would like to see to create a healthier, happier workplace.  


Our Impact:

  • We ran 6 workshops over 3 months with 200 people in the Covestro Hong Kong team
  • The team came up with 20 ideas which were then put on their internal portal, shared to and voted on by Covestro team members all across the world


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