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New World Development

In the era of SROI, triple bottom lines and sustainability reporting, businesses across the globe are awakening to the demands of their customers and stakeholders to not only offer great products and services, but to be accountable to the communities and environment it operates in. Think of the examples of big corporations engaging local and small business farmers in sourcing coffee beans. It gives the coffee-drinker offerings from a variety of exotic locations, the local farmer an income to support their family and the corporation a unique range of products to sell at a premium. 

So how do we innovate in retail, and healthcare in this new era? And what are the opportunities in intersecting commercial objectives with social issues? These were the questions New World Development set out to answer as they embarked on a journey to discover new projects that would create shared value through Design Thinking.


Our Impact:

  • Inspired the senior executives of New World Development with the possibilities that international and local businesses in the hospitality, retail and aged care industries have already discovered and understood the needs of their customers through deep empathy
  • Imparted our expertise having applied design thinking to several long-term public sector innovation projects working with various departments of the government.


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